Help Counselling

For 9 - 25 year olds
Bristol, Yate, Chippenham, Bradford on Avon
What we offer
We provide a service with five distinguishing features:

1. We work with a defined age group. We know how to meet young people 'where they are' and we know the different
needs of children, teenagers and young adults.

2. We work for a client for as long as they wish. Some problems can be cleared up quickly, some issues affect our
whole life and they take longer to work through. There is no pressure to 'hurry up'.

3. We will work the parent of the child if we assess that this would be in the interest of the child.

4. We work from a number of sites across Bristol so as to make journeys as easy as possible.

5. We ask clients to make a contribution to our costs. Please consider a sum between £3 and £40. Choose an amount
that reflects that they are getting a professional service, but would also never be a reason for not attending. We regret
that in order to cover our costs we have found that we need to ask for a minimum payment of £3 per session. The
people that can afford a little more help to cover the costs of those who can not, and it works; This year we will offer
over 1500 appointments to distressed young people.

Help! Counselling for 9 to 25 year olds (South West) Ltd is a charitable company, limited by guarantee. Registered No. 4294790 Reg. Charity No. 1103888