Help Counselling

For 9 - 25 year olds
Bristol, Yate, Chippenham, Bradford on Avon
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Does Help! Cost?
We ask clients to pay what they can afford towards covering our costs. We ask clients to consider a sum between
£3 and £40, that makes as significant a contribution towards covering our costs as possible but is not going to be
a problem in that it might be a reason for not coming. We regret that we have needed to introduce a minimum fee
to ensure our continuing existance. Depending on the site it costs between £5 and £10 to provide a session and
we depend on those who can afford to pay over that amount to allow us to work work with those who can not.
Help! Counselling for 9 to 25 year olds (South West) Ltd is a charitable company, limited by guarantee. Registered No. 4294790 Reg. Charity No. 1103888