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For 9 - 25 year olds
Bristol, Yate, Chippenham, Bradford on Avon
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To give an idea of the world that HELP! works in, here are some of the 'presenting problems' that our clients have brought us, written in their own words...
Young woman age 20
Long term issues surrounding abuse from my stepfather, mother's rape, my abortion, and recent break-up with my long-term partner. Eating problems and general anxiety.
Girl age 17
Child abuse, depression, shyness, anxiety, low self-esteem. And the death of a friend which I find difficult to talk about
and get over.
Boy age 16
Mum and Dad. Their separation. Relationships - girlfriend, peers. Lack of confidence. School, GCSE's.
Boy age 15
It has got too hard and I am a bit stuck and I would like to talk to someone.
Girl age 14 (Revealed sex abuse at first session)
I need to talk someone about my feelings and hurt, and I can't keep all this pain and upset in my head, I've tried it before
and it hasn't worked.
Girl age 9
Mum and Dad. That's all.
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